AT 17 CM

(Solo) Germany, 2013 · 35 minutes · Direction: Jorge Puerta Armenta · Dance: Pau Aran Gimeno · Light Design: Marco Wehrspann

 Anorexio Fotoshoot's ©
Anorexio Fotoshoot’s ©

It was a long and intermittent process born of the need to understand the loss of someone close. I didn’t want to take that trip alone and asked Jorge for his support and guidance.

Among the chaos, dilemmas, and frustration, there was friendship, relief and fight. The search and the respect were our engines.

For me, this performance is a change of skin. Talk about what one is. Bring the past to the present time. Let go and cry. Scream. Bottoming to revive and assimilate what happened. I enter in my ghosts and I feel the danger. Death and absence are there. And I give myself to them to start over. From another place.

The play transforms. And then the smoke comes back, and the immanent force of its three-dimensionality. It continues to rain… It is not a dream. It is this reality. And that which I am looking at, as if through a door left ajar, is also happening to me, it happens to us all.

— Valentina Morales

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