Beirut – Étude IV

Last of the 3 solos series, this ‘essay’ focused its research on immediacy and strength. Physical strength but most of all mental power. Focusing on how to become fast, effective and precise, while keeping poetry in gesture. How to breathe in such a state? An attempt to build up another layer of difficulty and struggle, when actions are too easy for a young body… How to become responsible in Dance for what we do?

A celebratory march invades the space in anticipation of her arrival. She, in a black dress, golden hair, looking straight ahead, seems to be unafraid. With defiant gestures seems to advance guided by an obsession that she does not yet understand. From where? By whom? Why? For what?

Thus, she continues to search, without waiting, in a hurry, with gestures that try to hold on to the air, while her agile feet show themselves and then hide like animals, seeking refuge in landscapes that do not stop transforming. Thoughts escaping through her pores, through her head, through her joints, that do all they can to look for other possibilities. Slaps of wind, volatile breaths, multiple sensations and a puerile risk that only wants to find the other and call his attention.

Suddenly, everything stops, everything breathes, everything calms down. In those moments the girl returns, like a calm and present voice, with the poetry of her fingers understanding how, slowly and delicately the story passes first by leaving small traces.

Beirut – Étude IV



4,14 minutes


Pau Aran


Nina Barbé


Pau Aran


Bratislava, Written and Performed by Beirut,©Pompeii Records 2017


Xavi Oribe


Xavi Oribe, Silvana Ranaudo, Solen Drake, Daniel Doña, Teresa Nieto


Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Lyon

Pau Aran