‘AUGUST, OSSAGE COUNTY’ with Omar Sangare (2017)


    Written by Tracy Letts

    In his eye-opening play, Pulitzer Prize winner Tracy Letts reveals the secrets of an American family collapsing under the weight of its own mistakes and avalanching toward final disintegration. The play surged in popularity after a screen adaptation starring Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts, for which both were nominated for Oscars.


    Must the Promised Land necessarily become cursed and haunted?

    Is it possible to curtail moral downfall and pursue happiness instead?


    Omar Sangare
    Ilya Khodosh
    Stage Movement


    66 Minutes

    Produced by:




    Set Designer
    Joanna Kus
    Lighting Designer
    Sound Designer
    Stephen Simalchik
    Costume Designer
    Deborah Brothers

    Props Artisan: Paige Carter, Williams

    Fight Choreographer: Alexander Sovronsky, Berkshires

    Production Manager: Emily Rea, Williams

    Stage Manager: Moiz Rehan, Williams

    Graphic Designer: Julia Kwinto, U.K.

    Asst. to the Set Designer: Konstanty Konopinski, Poland

    Animation Advisor: Szymon Prewysz-Kwinto, U.K.

    Teaching Assistants: John Salemi and Michael Tcherepashenets, Williams


    Evi Mahon as Violet Weston

    TL Guest as Beverly Weston

    Gabrielle Amos-Grosser as Johnna Monevata

    Caroline Fairweather as Barbara Weston-Fordham

    Jackson Zerkle and Michael Tcherepashenets as Bill Fordham

    Sophie Gaddes as Jean Fordham

    Victoria Jasuta as Mattie Fae Aiken

    Ashish Solanki as Charles Aiken

    Jack Romans as Little Charlie Aiken

    Jacqueline Simone as Karen Weston

    Brigid Bruno as Ivy Weston

    Danny Donahue as Steve Huberbrecht

    Michael Kidd-Phillips as Sheriff Deon Gilbeau

    Samuel.B.Stark as Understudy


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