Is a theatrical project co-directed by Maite Jáuregui and Pau Aran Gimeno, based on the creative exchange, interdisciplinary, framed in the cities of London, Madrid and Barcelona.

Maite Jáuregui performs on stage while Pau Aran Gimeno guides and assists the work. Both have developed and matured together the story of Una, a writer who we will join in her imaginary world to discover the facts that have determined its current, less dreamlike reality.

Maite Jauregui in 'UNA'. Photo Xavi Oribe
Photo Xavi Oribe
The project has the need to question the nature of denial as a central element in the situation of our character and so present in today’s society. The interaction with people, life, death and the places they inhabit. With the events that we live on our personal and professional journey. Interest towards the way in which performance questions scenic space and the encounter between two different realities (Maite and Pau), are the main focuses and engines for the promotion of the project, whose objective is the expanding opportunities and tools through the meeting of different languages, practices and realities.
Concept: Maite Jáuregui and Pau Aran Gimeno Performer: Maite Jáuregui Dramaturgy: Javier Pastor Scenography: Ana Inés Jabares-Pita Costume Design: Ana Inés Jabares-Pita Direction: Pau Aran Gimeno Cooperation: ARTS COUNCIL ENGLAND, Spanish Embassy in the UK,. Support: Institut del Teatre de Barcelona, La Piconera