‘I am not just a body, but if you want, I can dance’ (2019)

Blanca slowly approaches. She comes from a place she already knows and looks back. She wants to tell us something, but we don’t know if she will talk. She looks at us. How many ‘Blancas’ live in her body? For how long have they been hiding, waiting? ‘ICH BIN NICHT NUR EIN KÖRPER, ABER WENN […]

‘BROCKEN’ (2019)

'Brocken' by Pau Aran Gimeno. Photo Evangelos Rodoulis

Underground VII, Tanztheater Wuppertal -Pina Bausch (2019) Fate, Fear, Faith, Falling, Flood, Forgive, Fracture, Father, Face, Fullness, Freedom Fair is foul and foul is fair Fair is foul and foul is fair Fair is foul and foul is fair Omens, weavers, superstitions, threads

‘UNA’ (2018) with Maite Jáuregui

Maite Jauregui in 'UNA'. Photo Xavi Oribe

Is a theatrical project co-directed by Maite Jáuregui and Pau Aran Gimeno, based on the creative exchange, interdisciplinary, framed in the cities of London, Madrid and Barcelona. Maite Jáuregui performs on stage while Pau Aran Gimeno guides and assists the work. Both have developed and matured together the story of Una, a writer who we […]

‘BEIRUT – ÉTUDE IV’ (2017)

Last of a 3 solos serie, this ‘essay’ experiment with immediacy and strength. Physical strength but most of all mental power. An attempt to build up another layer of difficulty and struggle, when actions are too easy for a young body… How to take responsibility on our actions in Dance?