‘CONSTELLATIONS’ with Stefan Jovanović (2019)

Pau Aran Gimeno in _Constellations_ by Stefan Jov

Constellations is at the crossroads of a traveling circus, dark comedy, ballroom dancing, a phantasmagoric club hosted by archetypes from Western culture. In an atmospheric setting, you are invited to reconsider marginal and dominant roles. Gender fluidity and social dancing are called upon to explore new ways of understanding contemporary social politics and radical togetherness.

‘PASIÓN POR LORCA’, with Consuelo Trujillo (2019)

The word and the poetic body. The subjectivity of the creative act in light of the work of Federico García Lorca. Emboding texts from Poeta en Nueva York, El Público, Bodas de Sangre, Sonetos de amor oscuro, following the trail of Federico and his great capacity to combine tradition and vanguard. “Hesitant stumbling for the […]

‘NOTES ON LIFE’ (2019)

A piece of Tanztheater on the themes of traveling and being adrift found in philosopher Kiyoshi Miki’s Notes on Life. Choreographer Pau Aran Gimeno took detailed notes of conversations in Barcelona with Junya Ishii. Later, during a residence in Tokyo, Gimeno determined 15 keywords to toss like cards at Kaho Kogure and Junya Ishii. The […]

‘UNA’ (2018) with Maite Jáuregui

Maite Jauregui in 'UNA'. Photo Xavi Oribe

Is a theatrical project co-directed by Maite Jáuregui and Pau Aran Gimeno, based on the creative exchange, interdisciplinary, framed in the cities of London, Madrid and Barcelona. Maite Jáuregui performs on stage while Pau Aran Gimeno guides and assists the work. Both have developed and matured together the story of Una, a writer who we […]