Étude V

‘Étude V’ is a Solo Dance where Pau Aran explores simplicity and minimalism using his body as the only instrument. He tries to find a composition and a choreography of clear intentions. A pure gesture to honour what he learned at that time and everything that led him to that point. So, in a way, a celebration and a farewell in the form of gratitude towards the inspiration that such a beautiful dream leaves behind.

And then, he began from scratch.

2009: an improvisation takes place at Mercedes Boronat Studio in Barcelona. Right after Pina Bausch’s death, a single and early chance to deal with grief appears. Mercedes asks: ‘How do you want to dress for this improvisation?’. He replied: ‘I do not want to be seen. I want to cover my skin and hide, not show myself. I want to be invisible and absent.’

A year later, Pau Aran decided to revisit the material and make a proposition to his choreographer friend Jorge Puerta Armenta, to be guided in a creative process. Jorge said to Pau: ‘I am not so interested in this material, but if you want we could do something else.’

Slowly the material fades away but not the primary impulse…

Pau Aran continued his path and created work with and for other artists. Group pieces, as a dancer or as a choreographer. Many adventures as time passed. And then, it came up: an invitation again, this time from Italy, to create a short solo piece.

He rescued the first impulse from 2009, but now with the experience of these intervening years and their journey behind his back. In summer 2017, ‘Étude V’ was presented at the Dansez Maintenant Festival in France. Outdoors.

Then he decided to take the work as a starting point for a bigger research project. This took him to Girona in spring 2019.

‘Wi(n)dow’ was the title of that ‘coming together’ of memories and ideas. In its totality, ‘Étude V’ is the seed, the extract, a small or reduced choreographic version/fragment from an actual bigger project today: ‘Lettre d’amour’.

‘Étude V’ is the departing point of research that in ‘Lettre d’amour’ concretises clearly into a dramaturgical journey about love and its chronology thanks to dramaturg Alberto Conejero.

Back to the first impulses of ‘Étude V’, which were focused towards identity, transformation, empowerment, death, gratitude, letting go and an immediate need of liberation from the past. Away from desire. Recapping, looking back for a last time in order to move on, not forgetting, but moving on indeed.

What happens after we die? If there would be a journey after death, how would it be? Is that similar to the journey from ‘birth to death’? The second half of a whole circle? What about the body once it perishes?

Playing around with these and other questions, Pau Aran reaches the beginning of love as a starting point. And at the end as in the beginning, there is emptiness.

But also movement research and language.

To look at ‘Étude V’ retrospectively (2020-2019-2017-2009) it is as if one could come back from death. From future, to present, to past. How does this process inform the first work again? How do you touch it now? Is your hand the same hand? What is different? The new isn’t always better than the old or vice versa. What if tradition and past are equal to future and progress?

Nothing on stage, simple lights, naked, empty, not a curated space yet a space that has the feeling of being taken care of. Leaving only the craft of dance and gesture to communicate what cannot be spoken.

Étude V



10 minutes


Pau Aran


Pau Aran


Pau Aran


Rain, In Your Black Eyes, Written and Performed By Ezio Bosso © Sony Music Entertainment Italy 2016


Charlie Cattrall


La Luna Dance Centre, Mercedes Boronat, Festival Dansez Maintenant

Pau Aran