Improvisations / Lautaro

The Mapuche people who mainly live in the South of Chile are the only indigenous people in South America who managed to successfully fend off the invading threats of the Inca Empire, as well as of the Spanish Conquistadors. They became known as one of the most feared and powerful Native American warriors.

The Mapuche people’s struggle for freedom and autonomy of their territory during the wars against the Spaniards produced many tales of brave warriors who opposed and resisted the Spanish domination for over 350 years. They were not familiar with the concept of slavery and loved freedom more than anything.

That made them ferocious in warfare and one of the worst enemies the Spaniards ever faced in South America. Among the many fierce warriors in the history of the Mapuche people was a man named Lautaro, a great military leader and famous hero in the War of Arauco. Born in the jungles of Carampangue y el Tiruaa in 1534 to a Mapuche Lonco (chief) called Curiñancu, Lautaro had a relatively normal childhood until 1550 when he was captured by the Spaniards and was forced to serve as a groom in the stables of the conquistador Pedro de Valdivia. However, Lautaro never forgot where he came from and patiently waited for the perfect moment for his revenge.

This Solo is an apology to the Mapuche people. A poetic act to kneel before all the indigenous civilizations of Latin America.

Sitting as a witness to my fate, the echo of my hands makes me return to my land. This land rolled up in screams and bursts, in the broken song of the birds, in the dreams of our children who will not be able to see their parents, their people, or their voices grow up.

The fragility of my bones hides behind my hardened skin which, in spite of everything, breathes, ethereal, and shows me the way.

Where did my crying go?

Why do I no longer hear the moaning of the Araucarias ?

The blood that moves and agitates me through all my bodies, (physical, ethereal, political, ancestral),  will not stop circulating. My footprints will remain in each of my gestures. I will be the indomitable arrow that is prepared while I sleep. My feet will witness this journey to the centre of our wombs. There, where we have all been fish, where our first trajectories were drawn, where our hearts beat so hard that we never stopped listening to them and they lit the fires that our gazes followed. Thus the rhythm of our struggle was marked forever. To stain us with life, beyond death.

This Solo is an apology to the Mapuche people. A poetic act to kneel before all the indigenous civilizations of Latin America.

Improvisations / Lautaro



15 minutes


Pau Aran


Pau Aran


Pau Aran


Rodrigo Covacevich


Charlie Cattrall


Centro cultural de Lautaro, Iberescena

Pau Aran