Improvisations / Planetarium

‘Planetarium’ is a free improvisation framed within the short fiction film ‘Venus’, directed by the screenwriter Álvaro Parrilla Álvarez in collaboration with the Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln. Shot in and around Cologne, ‘Venus’ tells the story of Chris, a gay scientist who, since the meteor shower that destroyed Earth, has been living in a bunker. Tragically he lives alone, because Alex, his partner, perished as he did not arrive in time.

For the past 30 years, Chris has used his physics expertise to try to return to the past and save Alex. The story is divided into two parallel timelines: one in the past, the same night as the meteor shower, and the second in the future, 30 years after the disaster. The song ‘Venus’ by the Spanish group ‘Quentin Gas y los Zíngaros’ serves as a link between the two timelines until they converge into a single moment at the end of the story.

So yes… love has been an excessive provocation, un-ar-ti-cu-la-ted.

Sighing is not enough. So yes… the flesh is squeezed every time the chest vibrates, every time the swaying of the gaze is transformed.

So yes… the search is prolonged and continues through internal, almost invisible sensations, in hidden hiccups and curled up in the sickly nostalgia of dancing together.

Then, it is not enough to remember, but to live again every instant, every trajectory, every impulse, every attempt to go closer and further, to leave the tactile orbit that contains us.

Going for a walk, getting drunk, cha-cha-cha of the bride and groom, losing one’s balance, swallowing oneself, taking up again the quiet walk, breathing, finding the reasons that keep two paths apart. Impossible oblivion has been stained red. But do not worry, even if I am knocked down in the attempt to bring you back, these gestures stay with me. Each one of them belongs to me, beyond its origins.

I don't love you only because I love you and from liking you to not liking you I arrive (...) I love you because I only love you, I hate you without an end, and while hating you I beg you, and my wandering heart's measure is not seeing you and loving you blindly.
-Pablo Neruda (1904-1973), ‘Sonnet LXVI’

Improvisations / Planetarium



8 minutes


Álvaro Parrilla Álvarez


Pau Aran


Álvaro Parrilla Álvarez


Martin Paret


Charlie Cattrall


Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln

Pau Aran