Pasión por Lorca with Consuelo Trujillo

Consuelo Trujillo proposes in this performing arts laboratory piece to navigate in the expressiveness of this visible love and its multiple meanings within the work of the poet Federico García Lorca. From his texts anchored in the tradition of his native and universal Andalusia, to the most groundbreaking texts, those that emerged on his trip to New York, Canada, Cuba; texts inspired by the asphalt, the expansion of his sexuality, his contact with African Americans  and Latinos, and the devastating pain of the loneliness of the big cities.

The word and the poetic body. The subjectivity of the creative act in light of Lorca’s oeuvre. Embodying texts from ‘Poeta en Nueva York’, ‘El Público’, ‘Bodas de Sangre’, ‘Sonetos de amor oscuro’. We followed the trail of Federico and his great capacity to combine tradition and the avant-garde. Looking for new connections, deconstructing his work to build it in the light of our experience, to immerse ourselves in it and extract its message, the one that is bringing us from its century to this 21st century so in need of answers.

She is especially attracted to Federico’s desire to integrate himself into all parts of his being, this ‘being himself’ in his life and in his art. The integration in his work of his deep connection with the ancestral forces that emerge from the earth, the archaic naturalistic visceral principle; the one that governs the instinctive, the powerful force of sexuality, of desire, the dark force of blood, united to the emotional opening of all his poetry.

All his characters and his poems have a great emotional force, the heart of the poet is present in his work; and to these two parts Federico adds his visionary mind, capable of creating artistic structures of an exquisite complexity…a poetic, lucid, organic and transgressive mind.

I stumble hesitantly through the hard, fixed eternity and love whose end has no dawn. Love. Visible love!
Federico García Lorca (1898-1936), ‘Poet in New York’

Pasión por Lorca with Consuelo Trujillo



20 – 30 minutes


Consuelo Trujillo


Sara Martinez, Maria Jaimez, Leticia Etala, Laura De La Isla, Jose Bustos, Horacio Colomé, Kiko Ortega, Toni Riera, Daniel Granda


Pau Aran


Laura Barceló


Nacho Garbe


Fiama Bolaños


La Noche de Los Teatros de Madrid 2019, Comunidad de Madrid, Real Casa De Correos – Puerta Del Sol

Pau Aran