..Anyway, this closeness: with “Work in Progress” No. 1, “Brocken” by dancer Pau Aran Gimeno, it goes on in the former smoker’s foyer: Pose full of the small room in which Çagdas Ermis, Blanca Noguerol Ramírez and Christopher Tandy 30 minutes act with minimal space. Macbeth’s witches, names of endless names of 17th century English women (burned as “witches”?), Love rivals – and above all, dancers who perfectly explore the Bausch spectrum of movement, text and object (here two chairs) , Large dance theater in the smallest area.

When Çagdas Ermis begins to sing of his son, who leaves his mother in the cold winter to search for the lost sister (in vain), the first shiver passes over the skin. Countless others will follow. For example, at Blanca Noguerol Ramírez’s danced-spoken Spanish poem by a boy who dances with the moon. Accompanied by a fascinating mix of old and new music. A deeply moving, very poetic half hour.