The Same Difference

The Same Difference is a new group work exploring how we transcend gender and other limiting identities through the embodied presence of dance. Through my observations as choreographer, dancer and teacher, I have realised that performers are changing their relationship to the body; the motivations that drive their movement and the relationship to self-demand are altered. Starting with destabilising the concept of the individual, in this piece, I want to show through the body in movement, how our essence is visible when we transcend the need to identify through categories.


How does dance contribute to diversity, equality and respect for freedom? How do we extol the value and beauty of what is different? Key to this is the collaborator’s individual journeys in relation to the idea of transformation, it is the cornerstone of this creative process. Their experience within the development will inform the result. And, this piece also comes for me at an important phase of my career as an artist, transitioning and transforming my knowledge and experience as a dancer into a choreographic methodology, language and world for today’s audiences and sensibilities. Transitioning. Transforming. Freeing ourselves.

The same difference


Pau Aran