‘Una’ is a theatrical project co-directed by Maite Jáuregui and Pau Aran, based on an interdisciplinary creative exchange, framed in the cities of London, Madrid and Barcelona. This one woman show started in September 2016 in Spain and continued with 3 more performances throughout 2017.

Maite Jáuregui performed on stage while Pau Aran guided and assisted the work. Together with Javi Pastor they developed the story of Una, a writer who we join in her imaginary world to discover the facts that have determined her current, less dreamlike reality.

The project seeks to question the nature of denial as a central element in the character’s make-up and something that is very present in our behaviour today. We see Una’s interactions with people, life, death. We can easily juxtapose these to our own personal stories.

Organizing and ordering a pre-established chaos… enumerating, dictating, writing out everything that has survived, to build, what?

Our house? Our dreams? Our inner world? But really. It’s all fine, it’s all just fine.

Immersing oneself in the memory, dancing in a small world of desires, lies, schizophrenic complexes, daily persecutions, self-convictions. When suddenly a single gesture in front of our eyes can captivate us and change our lives forever. So, we turn with open arms, looking at the sky, searching.

In the searching and in the rhythm of the moments that remain, that will take shape on our skin, that will blur in the air around us, and emerge again every morning, guiding our steps and our decisions.

In all this confusion, of a past badly remembered and transformed into gestures, we dance, because finally we talk too much, and maybe, just maybe we find ourselves.


The project seeks to question the nature of denial as a central element in the character's make-up and something that we feel is very present in our behaviour today.




60 minutes


Maite Jáuregui, Pau Aran


Maite Jáuregui


Javi Pastor


Tom Sochas


Sergio Roca Saiz, Pau Aran


Ana Inés Jabares-Pita


Charlie Cattrall


Núria Aguiló Sol (production manager)


Arts Council England
, Nau Ivanow, L’animal a l’esquena, La Piconera, Institut del Teatre de Barcelona, ESDM Danza y Multimedia, Joana Serra, Sergio Celebrovsky, Xavi Oribe, Meritxell Aumedes, Llorenç González, Keith Morino, Cristóbal Garrido, Eduardo Jáuregui, François Holmey, Elena Jáuregui, Oli Cross, José Antonio JáureguI, Dorita Narváez, José Aran Gracia, Nieves Gimeno López

Pau Aran