His body is a strength and a truth: his heritage.

A skinny body, like a Giacometti statuette alive.

It says:


Surrender to Dance.

Art refuses to let you own it.

You can only capture it fleetingly.


As a wanderer always curious about life, he serves the unnamed dance, the gestures inherited over centuries. Material and movement are endlessly refined, reused, and recycled. A combination of memory and experience provides a way of keeping the work new and diverse. Developing this mixture between improvisation and composition, between form and formless.


All of this is predicated on beliefs:

  • The belief in dynamics, changes, and interventions as three ways of searching.
  • The belief in the elements earth, air, fire, and water.
  • The belief in following those who showed a way: the dance ancestors.


Pau Aran plays with these extremes: opposites in space and time moving together and apart, bound by a relationship to space in a continuous spiral.


The dance is extreme, minimalist, pedestrian, sometimes small, and delicate.