About Pau Aran

Dancer, choreographer and teacher

Pau Aran (Cerdanyola del Vallès, 1981) is a Spanish born dancer, choreographer and teacher now living and working in Germany. During his studies at the Conservatorio Profesional de Danza ‘Mariemma’ in Madrid, Pau was invited to attend the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen, Germany. This led to his most significant training to date, in Wuppertal and under the direction of Pina Bausch.


Since 2013, and in parallel to his career as a dancer, Pau has been creating his own work which has been presented in Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Chile and Japan. He develops the expression of his art through body language, focusing his work on the creation and pedagogy of contemporary dance. The beauty of movement and his interest in the poetics of contemporary dance are represented in his projects, creating intimate spaces where the audience can breathe and open their emotions, utilising the stage space as a temple to reconnect with ourselves through art.


Pau Aran dance company was founded in 2020 with the intent to develop, transmit and apply previously gained knowledge, to his own current choreographic language and teachings. With a commitment to share his experiences to the next generation, Pau simultaneously encourages self-discovery in his students, performers and collaborators. He further develops the individuals’ identity by adapting learned practice and moulding it to a new reality. Combining the passage of time and transient nature of dance, fusing heritage and tradition, with the future.


Pau Aran dance company’s inaugural creation, Lettre d’Amour, premiered at the Grec Festival in Barcelona in 2020.

→ Welcome note dancer, choreographer and teacher

My passion is to keep widening and deepening my perception of the world and to fine tune its physical expression through my own body and in collaboration with others. This is why I search for diverse and frequent encounters with other artists in dance and movement to find new forms of communication with each other. In exploring these we therefore learn about each other and the world around us. By creating and developing a shared physical language, we start to question what we can do individually and collectively and how this can contribute to a more coherent and sustainable society.


My experience in Germany with Pina Bausch and her dance-theatre has deeply influenced my path and shaped my body, but I also want to acknowledge all the other encounters with masters, allies and teachers that I’ve had up until now.

I don’t want to cling on to what I have learned but find ways to share it with contemporaries and future artists. Each proposition and collaboration opens up a continuing exploration of what it means to be human at this time.


I invite you to discover my ever changing world with the intention of sharing and contributing to a new paradigm.


Welcome all!