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Pau Aran Gimeno Profile

dancer, choreographer and teacher

Internationally acclaimed dancer Pau Aran Gimeno is creating, teaching and collaborating on interdisciplinary post-national dance projects and workshops, whilst also performing with Tanztheater Wuppertal – Pina Bausch since 2006.

Born on the Catalan mediterranean shores, Pau began his professional performance career with ballroom dancing and modern-jazz before his interest and experience expanded to include many other forms of expressive movement.

During his studies at the Conservatorio Profesional De Danza ‘Mariemma’, Madrid, Pau was notably invited to attend the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen, Germany. This led to his most significant training to date, in Wuppertal and under the direction of Pina Bausch. Pau has danced in more than twenty five of Pina Bausch’s productions, and continues to dance with the internationally renowned Tanztheater Wuppertal – Pina Bausch as a guest artist.

As an independent artist since 2013, Pau engages in developing his personal movement language through cross-disciplinary collective endeavors worldwide, and by teaching creative workshops with and for diverse artists and communities.


Artistic direction: Pau Aran Gimeno •

Creative management: Tali Bogen • Production management: Núria Aguiló Sol •

R & D, Strategy and Media: Nømads-Land · Production management: Núria Aguiló Sol ·

Creative team: Nayat Kaid Ferron, José Aran Gracia, Valentina Morales •

Graphic Design: Dotan-Lidgi Studio • Video:  Charlie Cattrall



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