Direction and Choreography

The movement starts long before the gesture. Starts with your own life. It is an inhabited gesture.

When he creates a dance he gives himself over to it completely. He turns inward towards himself and like the Great Whale from time to time he surfaces and shows a jet of water, or a mesmeric leap. In his imagination dancing works like this; the moment we are on stage is an echo of the whale when they come to the surface to play or simply to breathe. The rest of the creative process happens, like the whale, just below the surface, away from view.


As a creator he also likes to challenge himself from an organic and sustainable point of view. A queer non binary point of view. In all this he thinks there is a subtle dance between tradition, trends, modernity and contemporaneity. A whole spectrum of colours merging but with each colour being given its full value. In a sense everything has already been done. Nothing is new, all has already been invented. However, among these diverse concepts there are many colourful threads and bridges that interconnect to bring them together. So he feels his purpose is also to explore and enjoy travelling over those bridges, this rainbow coloured map, a cartographer of the soul. Journeying ultimately beyond mere sensibility, and into that universal artistic need, truth.