Atelier refers to my pedagogical approach, honouring the rehearsal room as a place of experimentation and craft creation. For me, the dance studio is like a workshop where we learn, practice and improve our technique/craftsmanship and find a creative identity.


Through my observation, currently, I have noticed that new performers are changing their relationship to the body and the motivations that drive their movement. Through my experience and for more than 25 years, I have been accumulating experiences and extensive knowledge of artists such as Dominique Mercy, Malou Airaudo and Francesc Bravo, which I wish to pass on to future generations of dancers. Without holding on to acquired learning, I want to find new ways to share it. I wish to maintain a connection between the Western dance techniques of the past, which continue to shape contemporary dance today, and the further development of my work as a dance facilitator. In short, to explore my pedagogical and choreographic methods in order to create a mutual exchange.



Technique, composition and movement research

In my methodology, I propose work based on the compositional factors of dance, according to the dancer, choreographer and pedagogue Jean Cébron (1927-2019): energy, form, space and rhythm.


The Jooss-Leeder method inspires a large part of my classes. Respecting the different needs and circumstances of the group, I focus on breathing, repetition and opposing directional forces.

At the end of the training, we arrive at a sequence containing the information studied during the session. Later, composition and improvisation exercises open a dialogue with each performer.


I seek to connect them with their unique personal expression and the creative potential of each one of them, beyond their physical aptitudes. With these premises, we will work through play and pleasure in the detailed study of movement, gesture, writing, improvisation and body narrative. The dancers will connect with authenticity but also confront their self-demands and develop a greater awareness of their limits in order to overcome them.


Thus, through guidelines and keywords, the group explores a resilient, open and autonomous way of thinking about creativity. An invitation to self-sufficiency, but also to a collective process of discovering, questioning and expanding.