Technique, composition and movement research with Pau Aran

Atelier refers to my pedagogical proposal, which comes after a long career as a professional dancer and as an emerging independent creator. It also honours the ‘workshop’ as a place of experimentation and craft creation. For me, the dance studio is like a workshop where we learn, practice and improve our technique / crafts(wo)manship and find a creative identity.


‘I am not trying to create a fixed doctrine. I consider myself just one more channel. Nothing else. My desire is to be a witness, to share from my experience, to give freely, so that I can give air to the wings of those who have decided to fly with me. To observe, to move, to be patient, attentive, and direct my focus spontaneously and directly.

I am present for the individual or the group. Listening to what is necessary and prepared to make mistakes together, to change my mind, to not take things too seriously, to disagree even, to take space and then, to start again, calmly.’




In my methodology I propose a work based on the compositional factors of dance: energy, rhythm, space and form. The Jooss-Leeder method inspires much of my class. Respecting the different needs and circumstances of the group, I focus on breathing, repetition and opposing directional forces. At the end of the session, we arrive at a sequence that contains the information studied during the class. In this way I develop, little by little and together with the group, a greater awareness of what we are learning and refining through movement.

Composition and movement research

The composition and improvisation exercises open a dialogue with each performer. I seek to connect them with their personal expression, unique and perfect. With these premises, there will be work through play and pleasure, improvisation and body narrative. Dancers will connect with a personal, authentic expression and develop a greater awareness of their limits, in order to overcome them. Thus, through guidelines and instructions, the group will develop a resilient, open and autonomous way of thinking. An invitation to self-reliance, but also to a creative collective process of discovery, questioning and expansion.


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