Artistic collaborations and assistance

On his return to Spain, after a stay in Havana, Federico García Lorca presented his poetry collection ‘Poet in New York’, at a conference he gave at the Residencia de Señoritas in Madrid:


‘[…] I have come to fight. To fight hand-to-hand with a peaceful mass, because what I am going to do is not a lecture, but a reading of poetry. My flesh, my joy, my feeling. And I need to defend myself from this enormous dragon that I have in front of me and that can eat me with its three hundred yawns from its three hundred disappointed heads […]’

Federico García Lorca, 1898 – 1936


Moving and coming together with our intuition, grasping danger together with our eyes open to undo the conflict. Walking forward with each other to get closer, to create connections, and never to be turned away by fear, but to fall forward in solidarity.


We are like a pack of wolves, animal, so if we trust in our nature and our connection we can move as one.

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