El agua trae el cuerpo de mis abuelos

In this collaboration, Pau Aran and the group explored their ancestry, and the indigenous origins that we all possess. How much of that sleeps within us?

For a week, they worked together replicating the creative process of a company. Ephemeral yet profound, in this week-long journey, they celebrated and observed differences, respected equality, based on the social circumstances that lead to racism and colonization.

In the midst of the darkness, their calm, resplendent souls appear to wander, just as they were anchored in memory. Thus, they arrive, pass by, touch each other, look at each other, stop, kiss each other, tell each other stories. With their feet anchored to the ground, they wait for the arrival of the night, while the sound of a guitar runs to invite the woman dressed in the sky to soak up the breath of the mountain range.

The others continue, with their eyes, their elbows, their mouths closed and moaning, their hands affirming thoughts, their fingers opening their hair. Each and every one looking for a way to give back to the earth some of that underground force that was stolen from them.

An accumulation of spasms and agitated breaths merge with the call of the panpipe.


With the secret kept in their hearts, they think of those who have given up their lives.

They hold his body while he drops the weight of his fears.

One woman floats and connects with the raised hands of another in the distance.

Dancing before the eyes of those who also danced as a way to continue together without forgetting their own origins. All different, gathered like flowers in a distant field.

And in the middle of their trip, before sleeping, they fly slowly imagining themselves to be fishes waving in the night, dressing themselves up in algae. The same ones, who on the bank of a river returned to the air, whistling innocently whilst playing the games that will mark them forever.

What remains: the water that bathes us and drips down on us, with transparency and noise; the water that pumps and brings tears of life and death to our every impulse.

El agua trae el cuerpo de mis abuelos



30 minutes


Pau Aran


Manuel Jaramillo, Juanita Saavedra, Daniela Bustamante, Maria Estay, Susana Elgueta, Paula Dalencon, Viviana Bustos, Paola Peña, Yasna Hauri, Humberto Ojeda, María Paz Calabrano, Josue Mora, Carolina Contreras, Nerea Polymeris, Roberto Roa, Rodrigo Cartes


Pau Aran


Rodrigo Covacevich


Charlie Cattrall


Centro cultural de Lautaro, Iberescena

Pau Aran