Las monedas de Claudio

Claudio Naranjo was a psychiatrist and conservatory pianist, he was touched by the grace of the beings he met throughout his life such as Tótila Albert, Fritz Perls, Idries Shah, Oscar Ichazo, Bob Hoffman, Suzy Stroke, Muktananda, Tarthang Tulku and by the deep sadness of the untimely death of his son Matías. He wholeheartedly embraced the complexity of human existence, especially the collective condition of human suffering.

Claudio participated in the 1960s Californian counter-cultural wave, the rapprochement between Western and Eastern traditions of spiritual openness. He bequeathed us a decisive contribution to the development of the Hoffman Process. He was a pioneer in transpersonal psychotherapies and the therapeutic use of psychotropic drugs. He developed the Enneagram of Personality which includes the Psychology of Enneatypes, and designed the SAT program, a ‘university for love and global consciousness’, as he liked to call it.

He worked in the field of education as a way to transform the world and leaves behind over 200 books and articles. In a contemporary landscape that is losing value and guidance, he has shed unique light on the difficulties created by the patriarchal world and has offered us different ways out, by laying deep trust in our human potential for self-regulation and mutual assistance.

His life experience and his acute awareness of impending death gave his words the strength of a personal anthem on the challenges of the spiritual adventure. His death arrived shortly before Pau Aran went to Chile, about to start this workshop.

This seminar was his/their tribute to Claudio Naranjo.

Las monedas de Claudio



37 minutes


Pau Aran


Roberto Saldivia, Fernando Neira, Pierre Kerbart, Isabel Peña, Brenda Lizama, Patricio Contreras, Dayanne Jara, Florencia Estay, María José Barahona, Esteban Canales, Yasna Hauri, Susana Elgueta, Zoe Caprano, Paz Vattier, María Jesús Calderón


Pau Aran


Rodrigo Covacevich


Charlie Cattrall


Centro Cultural de Lautaro, Fondo FNDR 6% de Cultura (Gobierno Regional de la Araucanía)

Pau Aran