Caer 7 veces, levantarse 8

This group work created in Bogotá, Colombia, clearly refers to the fact that one should not fail to make the effort to get up again in front of adversities. Keep going forward despite defeat.


In addition to perseverance as a quality, in this creative exploration we also wanted to explore the concept of oppression in its different meanings and contexts. If we could dance to the executioners, without falling into victimhood or losing our dignity, what would it be like?


Until we talk about what happened among us, we will not be able to move forward together.

Caer 7 veces, levantarse 8


DIRECTED BY Pau Aran, CREATED WITH AND PERFORMED BY Adriana Patricia Leguizamón Ríos, Alisson Juliet Ramírez Bautista, Ana María Gómez Moreno, Ángela Cristina Estévez Moncada, Angie Gil Millán, Gabriel Alfredo Amaya Sandoval, Gabriela Arévalo Campaña, Giovanny Galindo Cuervo, Guentci Armenta Rodríguez, Jean Paul Aristizábal, Laura Steiner, Laura Valentina Mejía Olarte, María Alejandra López Robledo, María José Sastre Vélez, Natalia Huertas, Paula Andrea Mora Estupiñan, Rossana Valentina Montoya Muñoz, Samir Gustavo Güiza Romero, Valentina Rodríguez Navarro, Víctor Manuel Gutiérrez Florez, Yaqueline Parra Buitrago, DRAMATURGY Pau Aran, DIRECTION ASSISTANT Ángela Bello Montero, Luisa Fernanda Camacho, MUSIC Kroke, Iraca, History of Colour, Armand Amar, Nicola Cruz, LIGHTING Andrés Gutiérrez Barajas, TECHNICAL CREW Santiago Cardona Medina, Alejandro Sabogal Hernández, MANAGEMENT / PRODUCTION L’Explose / Apricot productions & Jaume Nieto (Imaginart), DURATION 58 minutes, WITH THE SUPPORT OF Centro Coreográfico María Pagés de Fuenlabrada and Acción Cultural Española (ACE)

Pau Aran