Ich bin nicht nur ein Körper, aber wenn du willst, kann ich tanzen

This choreographic solo began as a dialogue between Blanca Noguerol and Pau Aran. A dialogue about identity and the exploration of their origins. Their shared path from Barcelona to Wuppertal. The circumstances inside and outside Germany. They have both trodden a similar path that coincidentally brought them together in the spring of 2005. Since then a friendship was forged from their shared roots, as they both tried to build foundations in a new place far away from home.


Inspired by the reminiscences of ‘Brocken’, this piece aims to observe the concepts of power, femininity and freedom in a new prism. To do that, we need to move forward together unknowingly, without first remembering what happened before. The paradigm that emerges suggests replacing the political with the poetic. At some point in the process texts from Federico García Lorca’s ‘Mariana Pineda’ appeared.

At dawn they called, they are on the landing of the stairs; the Mother, when she goes out to open the door, was wearing her dressing-gown. What do these people want calling so early in the morning?
-Maria del Mar Bonet and Lluís Serrahima

Ich bin nicht nur ein Körper, aber wenn du willst, kann ich tanzen



25 minutes

DIRECTION Pau Aran CREATED WITH & PERFORMED BY Blanca Noguerol Ramírez DRAMATURGY Silvia Munzón López MUSIC Tim Kienecker, Armand Amar & The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, ‘Catalunya Radio Overture’ (Radio), Maria del Mar Bonet, ‘Les Maces de la Patum’ (Folk music from Catalonia), Ovidi Montllor, Janis Joplin, Nina Hagen & The Capital Dance Orchestra LIGHTING DESIGN Peter Bellinghausen SET DESIGN Pau Aran, Silvia Munzon López VIDEO Charlie Cattrall, Klaus Dilger COLLABORATORS/SPECIAL THANKS Matthias Burkert, Tim Kienecker, Chrystel Guillebaud, Çağdaş Ermiş, Christopher Tandy, Andreas Eisenschneider, Karsten Fischer, Manfred Marczewski, Maske Abteilung (Wuppertaler Bühnen), Tsai Wei Tien, Oleg Stepanov, Daniel Doña SUPPORT A project of Tanztheater Wuppertal – Pina Bausch

Pau Aran