Avui em veus, demà seré invisible

Dance, Theatre and Visual Art are combined to show us two mysterious women, two women dressed in black. They are in a state of shock, their world torn apart.


They have already been walking through the desert for a number of days, here they are confronted with the ruins of their lives, and the world as they know it as they search for water.


In this quest for water they also unearth an equal need, the need of sisterhood in the shared memory of their lost lives and their lost nation.

But their gestures remain as a trace: the vestige of a past that breaks them, takes off their skin, but leaves a land for those to come, beyond this reality they have made.

Avui em veus, demà seré invisible



22 minutes


DIRECTION Èlia Genís, Montse Roig CREATED WITH & PERFORMED BY Èlia Genís, Montse Roig DRAMATURGY Pau Aran MUSIC Cyclopean Remains, Written and Performed by Walls © Kompakt 2010 ASSISTANCE Pau Aran SET DESIGN Èlia Genís, Montse Roig, Omar Danuk, Pau Aran VIDEO Omar Danuk, Charlie Cattrall PHOTOGRAPHY Omar Danuk COLLABORATORS/SPECIAL THANKS Pere Faura SUPPORT NunArt, tragantDansa, La Bobina, Hangar

Pau Aran