Tres maneras

Within the frame of a project called Coreógrafos en Comunidad at the Centro Conde Duque in Madrid, curated by Camille Hanson, Pau Aran investigated, proposed and created a piece called Tres Maneras in collaboration with four artists based in Madrid: Diana Bonilla, Sergio Celebrowsky, Laura Cuxart, and Naiara Rojo.


They concentrated their research on notions of performance and place. Their observation focused on the need to question spaces. This took into account the fact that Pau was working with artists who had a long relationship with the city of Madrid, and feelings of lacking support. Which is a tangible and physical one, as the contemporary dance scene is not cared for by the state as it could/should be.


In the piece there are three paths, from three women in different stages of their lives: one’s pregnant, one’s not, the third gave birth to a boy, Eliott.

Then the empty space becomes an invitation itself, an invitation to inhabit, an invitation to create in it and with it, together, in community.

Tres maneras



25 minutes

DIRECTION Pau Aran CREATED WITH & PERFORMED BY Diana Bonilla, Laura Cuxart, Naiara Rojo Espino DRAMATURGY Pau Aran ASSISTANCE Sergio Celebrovsky VIDEO Sergio Celebrowsky, Charlie Cattrall PHOTOGRAPHY Sergio Celebrovsky COLLABORATORS/SPECIAL THANKS Camille Hanson SUPPORT Centro Cultural Conde Duque, Madrid

Pau Aran